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Département : Bas-Rhin

Blason de Rothau/Arms (crest) of Rothau
Official blazon

De gueules à trois tours d'argent, ajourées de sable.

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The name of the place is from the old German Rot (Red) Aue (Field), supposedly derived from a very gory battle that took place there. This explains the red field on the arms.

There are two explanations for the three towers, which in both cases are not towers. One explanation mentions that the towers are derived from the arms of the Ban-de-la-Roche Estate, which showed three check rooks. The village belonged historically to the estate.

The other explanation mentions that they were historically beehives as the place has been known for producing superior fir tree honey for a long time.

Blason de Rothau

The arms on a cover (2006)

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