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Civic heraldry of Russia
Геральдика России

Russia - Российская Федерация

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The National Arms of Russia The National Flag

Administrative division

Russia a federation which consists of 83 Federal Subjects:

  • 21 republics
  • 46 provinces (Oblast)
  • 9 territories (Krai)
  • 1 autonomous province
  • 4 autonomous districts
  • 2 federal cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg)

Most of these subjects are further divided into Disticts (Rayons), which are further divided in cities, towns, municipalities, urban settlements and villages. There are about 3700 Rayons and Municipal Rayons.

Many of the above use arms or sometimes a logo.


Cities, Municipalities and villages

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In time all files will be transferred from the old site.

All municipalities are listed by their English name.

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