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SAINT PETERSBURG (Санкт-Петербург)

(Founded in 1703 as St. Petersburg until 1914; 1914-1924: Petrograd; 1924-1991: Leningrad; since 1991 St. Petersburg)

Federal Subject: Saint Petersburg

Coat of arms (crest) of Saint Petersburg
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The arms were officially granted on May 7, 1780 by decree of the Russian Empress Catherine II. Reinstated on September 6, 1991 by the Presidium of the Leningrad City Soviet of People's Deputies.

The arms show in a red field two anchors placed crosswise, their rings downwards with two flukes on the right and four on the left; on the crossing, a gold sceptre mounted vertically with its top in the form of Russian double-headed eagle under the imperial crown.

The arms of the city conveys the idea of the city's founder Peter the Great. The red shield meant to denote the bloody battles, two anchors (different in design) showed that St. Petersburg is both a sea and river port, the gold scepter stood for the new capital of Russia, St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg is divided into eighteen city districts, which are in turn subdivided into municipal okrugs, municipal towns, and municipal settlements.
The following districts and okrugs use arms :

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