Schönenbach (Furtwangen)

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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Schwarzwald-Baar Kreis (until 1973 Donaueschingen)
Incorporated into : 1971 Furtwangen

Wappen von Schönenbach (Furtwangen)

Official blazon

In Silber über erhöhtem blauem Wellenschildfuß, darin eine nach links schwimmende silberne Forelle, auf schwarzem Boden drei grüne Laubbäume mit schwarzem Stamm.


The arms were designed in 1902.

The municipality used in 1839 a seal with a wavy bend and a fish. The bend was a canting element (Bach=stream). A stamp from a little later showed three trees above the stream.

In 1901 the municipality needed a new seal and asked the State Archives for advise. They proposed arms based on the old seal, thus only a wavy bar with a fish. The municipality rejected the proposal and wanted a 'landscape with the bar and trout'. The State Archives then proposed the above arms in 1902.

The colours were not very well described in the 1902 design, the blazon was adopted to the above arms in 1966.

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