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The arms are identical for the two principalities Schwarzburg-Sondershausen and S-Rudolstadt. The original county was divided into two counties in 1552. Both counts received the title of Prince (Reichsfürst) in 1697 and 1711 respectively. In 1909 the branch S-Sondershausen became extinct an the Prince of S-Rudolstadt became prince. From 1909-1918 the two states were ruled jointly. In 1918 both became Free States and were incorporated into Thüringen in 1920.

The arms show in the right half a quartered shield with in 1 and 4 the eagle of Sondershausen and in 2 and 3 the deer antler of the Lordship Arnstadt. The escutcheon shows the lion of Schwarzburg. The left half also shows a quartered shield, with 1 and 4 the chequered field of the county Hohenstein, and in 2 and 3 the lion and bars for the county Lutterberg. The escutcheon shows the deer of the Lordship Klettenberg.

On the quartering is a cross, which symbolises the medieval title of Viergraf.
The main escutcheon shows the imperial eagle, as a symbol for the title of Imperial Prince.
The base of the shield with the comb and fork finally symbolises the title of Imperial Stable Master held by the Princes.

The arms show 6 crests :

  1. a knight in armour with a crowned helmet and holding a sword for the right of Grosses Komitiv (the honour to ennoble people. to grant or confer knighthood and to confer the dignity of notary)
  2. an eagle between antlers for Anstadt-Sonderhausen
  3. a lion for Schwarzburg
  4. the imperial eagle as symbol for an Imperial Prince
  5. the hat for an Imperial Prince
  6. peacock feathers between antlers for Hohnstein-Lauterburg

Arms of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen

Another version (19th century)

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