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Arms of Sherbrooke Hussars, Canadian Army



Official blazon

Badge: Quarterly first and fourth Gules a horse’s head Argent upon a wreath Argent and Azure, second Argent a Cornish chough proper, third Sable a sinister arm embowed the hand grasping a kukri Or, all within an annulus Gules edged and inscribed SHERBROOKE HUSSARS in letters Or, ensigned by the Royal Crown and encircled by a wreath of autumn maple leaves proper surmounted in base by a beaver upon a log Or, set above a scroll Sable edged and inscribed IN HOC SIGNO STABILITAS in letters Or.


The maple leaves and the beaver represent service to Canada, and the Crown, service to the Sovereign. The two horse heads represent the cavalry lineage of The Sherbrooke Regiment and the 7th/11th Hussars, the chough (bird) was taken from the coat of arms of the Aylmer family and represents the 11th Hussars, and the left arm and Kukri represent the image of an arm with a cavalry sabre formerly depicted in the badge of the 7th Hussars. “SHERBROOKE HUSSARS” is a form of the regimental title and “IN HOC SIGNO STABILITAS” is the motto of the regiment. The Motto translates as “Steadfast by this sign”.

The badge was approved by the Canadian Heraldic Authority on October 4, 2004.

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