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Arms of South Australia

Official blazon


  • Arms : Azure, issuant from the base a Sun Or, on a Chief Argent three Garbs proper.

Crest : On a Wreath of the Colours, in front of a Staff Or, flying therefrom to the sinister a Banner Azure charged with five Stars, four of seven and one of five points Argent (repre­ senting the constellation of the Southern Cross), a Lion passant guardant Gold.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Female Figure vested, holding in the dexter hand a Cornucopia, and in the sinister hand a sheaf of Barley, all proper, and on the sinister side a Farmer, holding in the dexter hand a pair of Shears, and over his sinister Arm a Fleece of Wool, all proper.
Motto: 'Faith and Courage'.


  • Arms: Azure on the rising sun depicted as a roundel or an Australian Piping Shrike displayed and standing on the staff of a Gum Tree proper

Crest: on a wreath or Azure and Gules Four sprigs of Sturt's Desert Pea proper
Compartment: comprising a grassy mount and in front of two Vines growing therefrom each entwining their stakes proper on either side thereof stalks of Wheat and Barley and the dexter side scattered with Citrus Fruits and lying on the sinister side two Cog Wheels with between them a Miner's Pick also proper together with on a Scroll the name "South Australia


The arms were granted on April 19, 1984, replacing arms granted from 1936 (image below).

The arms show the State's bird, the piping shrike. The bird was already used unofficially before 1936 as well, see below). .The grassy mound and the symbols thereon represents the agriculture, industry and mining in the State. The crest shows four flowers of the State flower, the Sturts desert pea. The initial 1984 design also showed a helmet and koala and wombat supporters, see below.

The proposal of 1984:

Arms of South Australia

The arms of 1936:

Arms of South Australia

Unfortunately we have no information on the meaning or origin of these arms yet.

If you have any information on the origin or meaning of these arms, or have additional images that you want to share, please mail us your information !

Arms of South Australia

Arms as shown in a 1895 publication
Arms of South Australia

On a window in government house
Arms of South Australia

The arms as shown on an UK cigarette card from 1910
Arms of South Australia

The arms as shown on an Australian cigarette card from 1910
Wappen von South Australia

The arms in the Abadie albums
Wappen von South Australia

The arms in a German album +/- 1910
Arms of South Australia

The arms as shown on an German trade card from the 1930s
Arms of South Australia

The arms on a 1986 coin

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