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Arms of South Wales Fire Service

Official blazon

Arms : Or between three Chevronels rayonny on the upper edges Gules ten Gouttes de Larmes.
Crest: upon a Helm with a Wreath Or and Gules issuant from Flames proper within a Mural Crown Sable a demi-lion affronty Gules bearing on its shoulders a Water Bouget Or gushing Water Azure. Mantled Gules doubled Or.
Supporters : On the dexter side a Dragon reguardant Gules with a Collar of Fleurs-de-Lys Or resting its sinister paw on the head of a Fire-Axe proper shafted Or, On the sinister a Lion reguardant Or with a Collar of Fleurs-de-Lys Gules resting its sinister paw on the head of a Fire-Axe proper shafted Gules.
Motto:'Amddiffyn A Chynnal'.


The arms were officially granted in 1998.

The Chevronels are taken from the arms of the de Clare family whose chevronels appear in the arms of Mid and South Glarmorgan. They allude to the three separate Fire Brigades now conjoined in one Fire Service. The ten Gouttes represent the ten unitary authorities served by the new Fire Service.

The red lion seen in the crest represents the red lion traditionally associated with the ancient Princes of South Wales. It holds a Water-Bouget over the Mural Crown symbolising the Service's protection of the buildings of South Wales. T

The supporters each rest on a Fireman's Axe and are depicted as reguardant to symbolise their watchfulness.

The motto means 'Protect and Serve'.

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