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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Rastatt (until 1973 Bühl)
Incorporated into : 1974 Rheinmünster

Wappen von Stollhofen

Official blazon

(de) In gespaltenem Schild vorne in Gold ein roter Schrägbalken, hinten in Blau ein pfahlweis gestellter silberner Schlüssel (Bart links).


The oldest seal of Stollhofen is known since 1481 and shows a shield with in the right half the arms of Baden and in the left half a key. The key is the symbol of St. Peter and is probably derived from the arms of the <a href=s/schwarz3|Schwarzach]] Abbey, to which the village belonged. A second seal is known since 1564 and shows the same arms. All later seals until the 19th century show the same arms. In the 19th century the seal only showed a key in a crowned shield.

In 1895 the council applied for new arms of the village and the State Archives proposed the old arms instead of the single key. The council approved the arms in November 1895 and the arms have thus not changed since 1481.

Wappen von Stollhofen

The seal of Stollhofen, on a document from 1530.

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