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Additions : 1970 Maribo Amt, Præstø Amt
Abolished 2007

Arms of Storstrøm

Official blazon


The arms were adopted in 1973.

The name Storstrøm refers to the Storstrømmen, the body of water between the islands of Falstar, Lolland, Møn and Sjælland. This is symbolised by the wavy bar.

The goose in the upper part is taken from the arms of the former Præstø district, which showed a tower (the Goose-tower), with the goose as a weather vane. This symbolises the area of the district North of the Storstrømmen

The dragon is taken from the arms of the former Maribo district and symbolise the southern half of the district.

Arms of Storstrøm

The arms on the former district hall

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