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Arms (crest) of Sundsgymnasiet
Official blazon

I blått fält en bjälke av silver bildad nedtill av en bågskura, åtföljd ovan av en femuddig stjärna av guld
och nedan av en åt sinister seglande svan av silver med näbb av guld|-

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The Tinctures are Blue and Silver which is the main Tinctures in the arms of the Municipality of Vellinge. The Fess indicate the Öresund Bridge
indicative of the Location of the School. The Star symbolise a Guiding Star and the Swan symbolise the Fact that large Flocks of Swans spend the Winter in the Area.
The Swan is also known to be very protective of its young, and is thus well suited in the arms of a School. It is turned sinister so the neck can allude to the initial S.
The coat of arms was assumed upon opening of the Sundsgymnasiet i August 1998 and is registred in the Skandinavisk Vapenrulla SVR 551/99.

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