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Incorporated into : 2009 [[Salo]]
Incorporated into : 2009 [[Salo]]
[[File:suomusja.jpg|center|{{PAGENAME}} Kuntavaakuna / Kommunvapen]]
====Official blazon====
====Official blazon====

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Region : Varsinais-Suomi
Former province : Länsi-Suomi (until 1997 Turku and Pori)
Incorporated into : 2009 Salo

Suomusjärvi Kuntavaakuna / Kommunvapen

Official blazon

Nyhäkoron kolmesti hopeaan ja punaiseen katkaisema kilpi.


The arms were officially granted on June 5, 1957.

The arms are canting, showing fish scales. Suomus meaning fish scales.


The arms on a road sign

The arms on the town hall

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Literature : Pirinen, K. Local coats of arms in Finland (Suomen kunnallisvaakunat), Vantaa, 1982, 216 p.