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State : Puebla

Arms of Teziutlan

Official blazon


The arms were adopted on February 12, 1943.

The coat is divided into four quarters and a central escutcheon, is crowned with a mural crown, and has a bordure. It represents the old province made up of the four domains Mexcalcuautla, Acateno [Acatenco], Chignautla [Chiconautlan], and Xiutetelco, as well as their capital with the name Teziutlan established in the centre of the province by royal decree of King Philip II of Spain in august 1551.

The upper right quarter represents Mexcalcuautla (Nahuatl-language, meaning: Hill of the agave plants) and shows its hieroglyph over the northernmost part of the hill of Chignautla. The golden ground symbolizes the richness of minerals found in the region. The upper left quarter represents Acateno (Nahuatl-language, meaning: Reeds near the water) and shows its hieroglyph over the hill of Atoluca. The blue ground symbolizes the waters of the river Xoloatl that runs through this area. The lower right quarter represents Chignautlan (Nahuatl-language, meaning: The nine fountains) and shows its hieroglyph over the outline of the hill with the same name. The green ground symbolizes the forest richness of the region. The lower left quarter represents Xiutetelco (Nahuatl-language, meaning: Worshippers of the fire) and shows its hieroglyph on red ground symbolizing the burning lavas that devastated this area

The escutcheon represents Teziutlán itself, (Nahuatl-language, meaning: At the foot of the hill covered with hail) and shows on silver (white) ground its hieroglyph over the church of the Virgin of Carmen (Virgen del Carmen) from the 17th century. The Virgin of Carmen was the patron saint of the insurgent troops that fought for Mexican independence from Spain in 1812. Eventually, the silver ground together with the green and red grounds of Chiganautla and Xiutetelco made up the national flag of Mexico. The golden bordure is decorated with the hieroglyphs of Teziutlán.

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