Wapen van Tielt/Arms (crest) of Tielt
The arms from 1819/1838
Wapen van Tielt/Arms (crest) of Tielt
The arms from 1981

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Official blazon
  • (1819) Van goud, beladen met een roode keper en verzeld van drie zwarte omgekeerde sleutels. Het schild gedekt met een kroon van goud.
  • (1838) Geel koleur met eenen keper van rood koleur waerby dry verdraeyde sleutels van zwart koleur, het wapen gedekt met eene gouden kroon.
  • (1981) In zilver een keper van keel, vergezeld van drie omgewende sleutels van sabel. Het schild getopt met een stedekroon met vijf torens van goud.
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The arms were granted on November 10, 1819, confirmed on April 7, 1838 and changed on February 9, 1981.

According to legend the chevron was granted by William of Normandy when he granted several privileges to the town. This chevron was based on the arms of Harelbeke, and the keys were added as a distinction. This, however, can not be proven.

The oldest use of the arms dates from the seals of the city since the 15th century. The chevron is more likely derived from the arms of Kortrijk, as Tielt was seat of one of the lower courts in the Kortrijk district. Other cities in the district, such as Harelbeke, also used the chevron.

The basic design of the arms never changed, however, until the 20th century, they keys sometimes face left, sometimes right, see some images below.

In the early 19th century the city was reconfirmed in the use of its arms by the Dutch government, however with a golden field. After the independence of Belgium in 1830, the arms were re-granted, but the colour was not corrected. Finally in 1981 the arms were corrected and a mural crown was added, to indicate the long history as a city.

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Literature: Servais, 1955; Ostyn, 1997

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