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Wappen von Tirol

Official blazon


The arms were officially granted in 1946.

The Counts of Tirol originate from the village of Tirol, now in South Tyrolia (Südtirol) in Italy. They acquired the area of the present Tirol in the 12 and 13th centuries. In 1363 Tirol became a possession of the Habsburg family, who enlarged the territory during the centuries. In 1809 Tirol was divided by Bayern (Bavaria), Italy and France. In 1814 the whole of Tirol became Austrian. In 1918 Südtirol became part of Italy.

The eagle of Tirol is first known from a seal of the Counts of Tirol from 1205. Since 1250 also from coins. The oldest coloured image dates from 1340 and the crown appears in 1416. The laurel branch appears in 1567 and the arms have not changed since.

Wappen von Tirol

The arms around 1475
Wappen von Tirol

The arms as used in the 19th century

The meaning of the arms, however is not clear. The eagle was already used by the Counts, who, probably to distinguish their arms from similar arms, added the yellow bend with the trefoils. The crown probably symbolised the importance of the Habsburg family as Kings and Emperors of the Holy Roman Empire.

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