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Arms of Trengganu

Official blazon


Trengganu does not use arms, but the above logo.

The emblem (Malay: Jata) of Terengganu was designed by several state officials during the reign of Sultan Zainal Abidin III (1881–1918. It originally consisted of a white outlined oval that encompassed a series of symbols coloured in yellow and a Jawi motto. During the rule of Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah (1945-1979), the emblem was modified with the addition of a dotted figure of a seal around all of the symbols except the star and crescent, which resides over the seal, the addition of a pair of maces and the shortening of the motto.

The star and crescent are symbols of the Islamic faith and represent Terengganu as an Islamic state. The seal consists of a near-oval, shield-like dotted outline that encompasses virtually all symbols in the emblem : a crown, located near the top, which represents the sovereignty of the Sultan of Terengganu; a sword, a long kris and a pair of ceremonial maces, which symbolise the royal paraphernalia of Terengganu; two books represent two important books in Terengganu: The Book of Law-placed on the left-denoting justice and the Qur'an-placed on the right-denoting the Law; and a scarf (wali or selampai), which signifies a portion of the state's cultural regalia.

The motto, "Terengganu" written in Jawi (ترڠڬانو), is located below the seal. When introduced in 1932, the emblem's motto originally read "Jawatan Kerajaan Terengganu" (Terengganu Government Post) in Jawi. During the rule of Sultan Ismail Nasiruddin Shah, "Jawatan Kerajaan" was omitted from the motto, resulting in its present form.

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