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Province : Trøndelag (until 2018 Sør-Trøndelag)
Additions : 1964 Byneset, Leinstrand, Strinda, Tiller; 2020 Klæbu, Malvik

Arms of Trondheim
Official blazon


The arms were granted on March 25, 1897.

If this text appears, it means that background information is available, but that I have not yet had the time to add the information on these arms. Just mail me and I will add all information that I have !

Arms of Trondheim

The arms by Ströhl in 1905.
Arms of Trondheim

The arms in the Coffee Hag album +/- 1930
Arms of Trondheim

Variation of the arms in the Coffee Hag album
Arms of Trondheim

The arms on a manhole cover

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Literature : Norwegian Municipal Network and Norske Kommunevåpen, Kommunalforlaget, 1987.