Troviscal (Oliveira do Bairro)

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Municipality : Oliveira do Bairro
District : Aveiro

Brasão de Troviscal (Oliveira do Bairro)
Official blazon
Portuguese Escudo de prata, um cacho de uvas de púrpura, folhado de verde, rodeado por uma coroa de ramos de trovisco do mesmo; em chefe, uma lira de vermelho à dextra e um livro aberto de ouro, encadernado de vermelho, à sinistra. Coroa mural de prata de três torres. Listel branco com a legenda a negro, em maiúsculas : “ TROVISCAL – OLIVEIRA DO BAIRRO “.
English blazon wanted


The arms were officially granted on July 29, 1997.

The two branches are branches of the spurge-laurel (Daphne laureola or trovisco in Portuguese) and thus a canting element. The bunch of grapes symbolises the viticulture in the area, which is known for its red wines. The open book symolises the fact that the village is the centre of learning for a rather large area. The village also has a school of music, an orchestra and several choirs, which is surprising for such a small village. This is symbolised by the lyra in the upper right corner of the arms.

Literature : image send by Sergio Horta

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