Uglegorsky Rayon

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UGLEGORSKY RAYON (Углегорский район)

Federal subject : Sakhalin Oblast

Arms of Uglegorsky Rayon

Official blazon

В червленом поле – включенное лазоревое острие, опрокинутое и вписанное, обремененное серебряным якорем на золотых молотах, и над ними во главе – тремя пятилучевыми звездами того же металла.


The arms were granted on May 19, 2011.

The miner's tools and the anchor refer to the importance of mining and shipping in the area. The blue field symbolises the blue of the sky and seawater. The tree settlements of the region are symbolised by three golden stars. The red parts symbolise the land and the Ana coal mines.

The arms were the result of a competition held in 2008. A few of the other designs are shown below:

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