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UZBEKISTAN - Oʻzbekiston Respublikasi

Uzbekistan.jpg Uzbekistan.flag.gif Uzbekistan.location.jpg
The National Emblem of Uzbekistan The National Flag Location

Administrative division

Uzbekistan is divided into twelve provinces, one autonomous republic, and one independent city (Tashkent).


The country does not use arms, but only the above national symbol.

As far as I know no city or district uses a coat of arms.

National emblem

The symbol was adopted on July 2, 1992.

The symbol is a circle and mainly bears the national colors blue, white, and green. On the left there is a cotton plant and to the right wheat ears, cotton and wheat are the two major agricultural products of the country. It is surmounted by the star of Rub El Hizb, a symbol of Islam, to which a majority of Uzbeks profess.
In the middle, a khumo, symbol of happiness and love of freedom, beats its wings. In the background a birdseye view of Uzbekistan is painted. The rising sun over the mountains with its sun rays rounds off the image. The two rivers behind the bird, leading to the mountains, symbolize the Amu Darya and Syr Dary.

Historical heraldry

During the Russian Empire or Soviet Union some towns and regions used a coat of arms.