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Département : Val-d'Oise

Armoiries de Vauréal

Official blazon

D'azur au dolmen d'argent; au chef d'azur chargé de trois fleurs de lis d'or.


The lower half of the arms shows the prehistoric megalithic structure discovered in 1867 by Count Amédée de Caix de St-Aymour. The structure obviously was the remnant of an important grave, as could be concluded from the many gifts found in the structure. The three fleur-de-lis are the symbol of France and also were used by the Counts de Caix de St-Aymour.

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Literature : Gassowski, A : Armorial des communes du Val-d'Oise. Poster published by Gaso Mériel, 1995; background from Bruno Courtin, France.