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State : Niedersachsen
District (Kreis) : Osnabrück
Additions : 1972 Hollage, Lechtingen, Rulle

Wappen von Wallenhorst

Official blazon



The arms were adopted in 1973.The four silver diamonds refer to the four former municipalities. The ring refers to the arms of the State of osnabrucOsnabrück, which showed a black wheel, and to which ithe area hostorically belonged. The ring is also a canting symbol, a walled village (Wallenhorst). The four diamonds also create a gree cross inside the ring. This cross refers to the Saxon wars and the conversion to Christianity in the early Middle Age. Green is the colour of the local nature.

The previous arms showed a hen as the main symbol.

Wappen von Wallenhorst

The wind panel on top of the local church showed a hen instead of the more common rooster. The hen thus became a typical symbol for the village. The two crosses refer to the two churches in the village. The wheel in the base is the wheel of Osnabrück. As the hen was originally gilded, the golden colour was chosen. The red refers to the colour of the Niedersachsen State.

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