Wappen-Sammlung Series 3 Nobility 1-1000

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Wapen-Sammlung : Series 3 Nobility 1-1000


Series information :

  • Issued by : A. Weller's Verlag, Kahla in Thüringen, Germany
  • Date of issue : 1900-1920 (?)
  • Number of stamps/cards in this series: ? at least 3550


This is the third series of the album Wappen-Sammlung (Weller) showing the arms of the higher and lower nobility (mainly German). The series is only numbered on the stamps up to 150, other numbers are based on the numbering on the sheets and the index files.

Stamps were issued in series of 25, but could be glued on the pages randomly.

Index of numbers 1001-2000 (pdf) : File:Series3-1001-2000.pdf (the numbers do not always correspond with the sheets, in all cases the mistakes are in the index, the numbering of the sheets is correct)

Stamps 1-1000

See for the other numbers

Nrs 1-1000

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