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Official blazon

  • (af)

Wapen: In silwer, op 'n deurlopende punt deursnede van swart en blou, 'n goue dwarsbalk met die boonste rand gewelvormig geknobbel en die onderste rand geknobbel; die golwende streepbalke, alles silwer.
Helmteken: Sittend op 'n rotsgrond, 'n kuifkop-visvanger wat 'n vis in sy bek vashou, alles van natuurlike kleur.
Wrong en dekklede: Silwer en blou.
Wapenspreuk: AQUA VITA EST

  • (en)

Arms: Argent, on a pile inverted throughout, per fess Sable and Azure, a fess the upper edge nowy gabled and the lower edge nowy Or; the Sable seme of plates and the Azure charged with two barrulets wavy Argent.
Crest: Perched upon a rocky mount, a malachite king-fisher holding a fish in its beak, all proper.
Wreath and mantling: Argent and Azure.


The arms were officially granted on October 21, 1988.

The Kingfisher from the former Institute of Water Pollution Control has been retained as a dominant feature but has a fish in its mouth instead of a sword thus indicating a need for fresh water resources. This is further confirmed by the motto Aqua Vita Est, which means Water is Life.

The black area of the design represents polluted water containing bubbles of rising gas. The bridge represents mans intervention leading to the production of clean water depicted by the wavy lines beneath the bridge. The design alludes to a Cape Dutch Gable thus reinforcing the South African sphere of operation.


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