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Arms (crest) of Weston-super-Mare

Official blazon

Arms: Per Fesse Or and Argent in chief to the sinister a Setting Sun issuant Gules and in base a Lymphad also Gules on a quarter Sable a Castle of three Towers Silver.
Crest: On a Wreath Argent and Sable in front of a Lighthouse set upon a Rock a Seagull volant proper.
Supporters: On the dexter side a Lion guardant Azure collared Or pendent therefrom by a Chain also Or an Escutcheon Gules charged with a Chevron Argent between three Clarions Gold and on the sinister side a Wolf Argent collared Gules pendent therefrom by a Chain Or an Escutcheon Sable charged with a Fesse Ermine


The arms were officially granted on January 15, 1960 to the Weston-super-Mare borough. Since 2000 the arms are used by the Weston-super-Mare town council.

The upper part of the shield is divided vertically into two. The left-hand section shows a white or silver castle with three towers on a black field, based on the expression used of Weston-super-Mare "fair white city by the Severn Sea".

The right-hand section shows "the sun in its splendour"; the red sun setting against a golden or yellow field, refers to the exceptionally beautiful sunsets over the sea which interested the painter J. M. W. Turner.
In the lower part of the shield is an ancient galley coloured red on a white field alluding to the maritime trading in bygone days of the old Port of Hubba's Pill (now Uphill).

The crest, which typifies a seaside resort, consists of a lighthouse standing upon a rock with a seagull in the natural colours, flying in front of it. This refers also to a distinguishing characteristic of Flat Holm (see below), one of the two small islands, which form a prominent feature of Weston Bay. The crest is the only element taken from the previous arms (see below).

The supporters on either side of the shield are, on the left a blue lion with its head turned facing the viewer, and with a golden collar round its neck, from which depends by a golden chain a red shield charged with a white or silver chevron between three golden clarions-the arms of the Arthur family.
The supporter on the right-hand side is a white or silver wolf with a red collar from which hangs by a golden chain a black shield charged with a bar charged with ermine spots of black-the arms of the Winter family.

The lion is from the crest of the Smyth family, and the wolf from the crest of the Piggott family, representing the association of the Smyth-Piggott family as lords of the manor since 1696. The Arthur and Winter shields denote prior lords from 1216.
The five white billets at the foot of the shield refer to Weston Woods encompassing an Ancient British hill fort.

The previous arms were officially granted in 1928, with the crest and supporters added in 1937.

Official blazon

Arms: Azure, on a gold fess a setting sun gules; in chief a silver sailing ship and an oak tree proper growing on a mount vert strewn with silver billets; and in base three swimming herrings argent.
Crest: On a Wreath gold and azure, a lighthouse on a rock with water at its base, and in front of the lighthouse a flying seagull proper.
Supporters: Dexter, a fisherman holding in his right hand a coil of rope; and sinister, an Ancient Briton with a spear in his hand, all proper.

Arms of Weston-super-Mare

The arms show elements of fisheries (boat, fish, crest), as well as a tree for the local woodlands. The setting sun denotes the west country and the splendour of its evening skies.

The lighthouse on an island as a crest is rather strange. The lighthouse is a representation of the one on Flat Holm island, which does not belong to Weston-super-Mare. The island of Steep Holm belonged to the Weston-super-Mare, but does not have a lighthouse...

The supporters are an ancient Briton for the long history of the borough and a fisherman. The compartment is a representation of Worlebury with the sea.

Before 1928 the borough used the arms shown below with a sun above a sea.

Arms of Weston-super-Mare

The arms as used on a JaJa postcard +/- 1905

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Literature : Image and information of new arms provided by Laurence Jones and leaflet from the council.