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State : Sachsen
District (Kreis) : Bautzen

Arms (crest) of Wilthen

Official blazon



The arms were adopted in 1992.

The arms show Lady Justice, combined with symbols for the locally important textile indstry and viticulture. Withen received city rights in 1669 and probably the use of Lady Justice dates form the same time.

In 1920 the State Archives of Sachsen proposed to combine Lady Justice with the symbols of industry and viticulture. This was accepted and the combination was used in the local seal, see below.

Wappen von Wilthen

The seal from 1920.

In 1972 the city received new arms, remowing Lady Justice and addin g a symbol based on the arms of the DDR, with a wine leave and the shuttle.

Wappen von Wilthen

The arms from 1972-1992
Arms of Wilthen

The use of the arms by the city

In 1992 the city returned to Lady Justice, but added the shuttle and grapes in a different way as in 1920.

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Literature : Bensing et al; 1984; Images obtained from the municipality http://www.wilthen.de