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{|width="100%" style="color:black; background-color:#ffffcc;"
|width="15%"|[[File:Armenia.jpg|50 px|left]]
|width="70%" align="center" |'''Heraldry of the World<br/>Civic heraldry of [[Armenia]]'''
|width="15%"|[[File:Armenia.jpg|50 px|right]]
'''YEREVAN (Երեվան )'''
'''YEREVAN (Երեվան )'''
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[[Literature]] : Speransov, 1977
[[Literature]] : Speransov, 1977
[[Category:Armenian Municipalities]]

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Heraldry of the World
Armenia heraldry portal

YEREVAN (Երեվան )

Province : Yerevan

Arms of Yerevan

Official blazon


The arms show a lion as a symbol of power, with above his head the tree of life as a crown. He caaries a circle with Mount Ararat and a symbol for eternity. The base shows the name of the city in Armenian alphabet.

The old arms as used around 1900 are shown below.


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Literature : Speransov, 1977