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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Ortenaukreis (until 1973 Kehl)
Incorporated into : 1975 Kehl

Wappen von Zierolshofen

Official blazon

(de) In Blau das silberne Dorfzeichen in Form einer stilisierten Zange.


The arms were adopted in 1912.

The arms show the local village symbol, a circle with two 'legs'. In 1780 the borders between Zierolshofen and Bodersweier were re-established and marked with new borderstones. These stones showed the village symbols of both villages. In the early 19th century the village had its own seal (known from 1811), which showed the above symbol between two palm leaves. In 1912 the village adopted the above arms in arbitrarily colours.

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Literature : Zier and Kastner, 1961.