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Département : Bas-Rhin
Incorporated into : 1974 Obermodern-Zutzendorf

Armoiries de Zutzendorf

Official blazon

Parti: au 1er de sinople à trois fasces d'argent, au 2e de gueules à six mains appaumées d'argent ordonnées 3, 2 et 1.


The arms were granted in 1961 and are a combination of the arms of the two historical estates to which the present municipality belongs, Fleckenstein and Wasigenstein. Prior to 1961 the village used arms with St. Bartholomew, which were granted during the reign of King Louis XIV. St. Bartholomew was the historical patron saint of the village, but as the village was in 1961 a predominant protestant village, the arms were no longer considered appropriate.

Blason de Zutzendorf

The arms in Hozier (1696)
Blason de Zutzendorf

The arms by Schœnhaupt, 1900
Blason de Zutzendorf

The arms in the Café Sanka album +/- 1932

Literature : Les armoiries des communes du Bas-Rhin. Tome VI : Communes du département (Saulxures à Zutzendorf). 1963; information from : zutzendorf@free.fr