525th Military Intelligence Brigade, US Army

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Arms of 525th Military Intelligence Brigade, US Army

(Shoulder Sleeve Insignia)
Arms of 525th Military Intelligence Brigade, US Army

(Distinctive Unit Insignia)

Official blazon

Shoulder Sleeve Insignia. Description: On a rectangle arched at the bottom with a 1/8 inch yellow border, 2 1/2 inches in width and 3 inches in height overall, below a white and black checkered chief consisting of two rows of five squares each, a field divided from upper left to lower right with silver gray above oriental blue separated by a yellow lightning flash with point at lower right. A black arc tab 11/16 inch in width, 2 1/2 inches in length containing the inscription "AIRBORNE" 5/16 inch in height in yellow letters.

Distinctive Unit Insignia. Description: A gold color metal and enamel device 1 3/16 inches in width overall consisting of a black equilateral triangle charged with a gold lion rampant, in base two rows of alternating squares gold and blue (oriental), all above a voluted gold scroll inscribed "FAST FACTUAL FAITHFUL" in black letters.


Shoulder Sleeve Insignia: Oriental blue and silver gray are the colors traditionally associated with Military Intelligence. The lightning flash refers to the communication and electronic warfare functions of the unit. The checkered area alludes to the overt and covert aspects of the Military Intelligence mission with the black and white colors referring to the constant vigilance day and night.

Distinctive Unit Insignia: The gold lion rampant on a black background was taken from the coat of arms of Heidelberg, Germany where the Group was first activated. The triangular shape alludes to the deltas in Vietnam and symbolizes the unit’s service in that country. The triangle and lion with the checkered rows allude to tenacity, flexibility and secrecy and represent the combined intelligence programs of the organization.

The Shoulder Sleeve Insignia was approved on 30 July 1985. The Distinctive Unit Insignia was originally approved on 26 May 1969 for the 525th Military Intelligence Group and then redesignated on 30 July 1985 for the 525th Military Intelligence Brigade.

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