Caldes de Montbui

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Region : Catalonia
Province : Barcelona

Escudo de Caldes de Montbui
Official blazon
Catalan Escut caironat truncat i semipartit: al 1r d'or, una caldera de sable; 2n d'argent, una creu plena de gules; i al 3r d'or, 4 pals de gules. Per timbre una corona mural de vila.
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The arms were granted on May 31, 1994.

The cauldron in the upper part of the arms is a canting symbol for Caldes. There are hot springs in the area, that have given the town its name. Caldes de Montbui was called Aquae Calidae in Latin, and today there are still the Roman baths (2nd century), well preserved.
The lower half of the arms shows part of the arms of Barcelona. Caldes de Montbui was considered a "carrer de Barcelona" ("a street of Barcelona"), see Ametlla del Vallès.

Escudo de Caldes de Montbui

The arms on an heraldic cover (1990s)

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