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DIOCESE OF BOISE (Dioecesis Xylopolitana)

Country : United States
Denomination : Roman Catholic

Established : 1893

Arms (crest) of Diocese of Boise

Official blazon


The arms of the diocese Boise are a variation on the arms of pope Leo XIII, who erected the diocese Boise on Aug.25 1893. The name ´Boise´ suggests a tree and the Latin name of the diocese ´Xylopolitanus´, meaning ´wood city´or ´wooden place´. This is symbolized by the green pine tree on a terrace on a field argent.

The red embattled fess represent the fortifications that traditionally surrounded all cities, especially frontier cities like Boise. In the diocesan arms, the comet in the arms of pope Leo XIII is replaced by a small red ornamental cross,with a comet tail.

Arms of bishops

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