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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Freudenstadt
Additions : 1975 Aach, Hallwangen

Wappen von Dornstetten

Official blazon

  • (de) In Gold unter einer liegenden fünfendigen schwarzen Hirschstange ein schwarzer Dornstrauch.


Dornstetten received city rights in 1270 from Count Heinrich II von Urach-Fürstenberg. The oldest seal dates from the same time and shows the arms of the counts.

Around 1320 the city became a possession of the Counts of Württemberg, and the seals showed the three deer antlers of Württemberg. The shield was surrounded by canting thorn branches (Dorn=thorn). The two elements were combined in the 16th century, showing a single antler above a thorn bush. All later seals and images show the same combination, even though the actual shape and size of the bush differs widely.

Wappen von Dornstetten

The arms in the Chorographia Württemberg (Wolleber, 1591)
Arms of Dornstetten

The arms in a 16th century manuscript
Siegel von Dornstetten

The municipal stamp shown in 1892
Wappen von Dornstetten

The arms by Hupp in the Kaffee Hag albums +/- 1925
Wappen von Dornstetten

The arms shown in an album from 1952

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Literature : Stadler, 1964-1971, 8 volumes.