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Goss crested china postcards


Series information :

  • Issued by : S.A. Oates & Co, Halifax on behalf of the Goss company
  • Date of issue : between 1905-15
  • Number of stamps/cards : 8
  • Image variants : numerous


These postcards were issued as advertising for Goss Crested china. The cards were initially issued in a series of 6 of the most popular designs. The cards did not show any coat of arms. Local agents or stationers could order the cards with a specific coat of arms, which was then overprinted on the cards. As there were hundreds of arms to choose from, there is an enormous variation of the cards possible. Later two more cards were issued.

The reverse of the cards:


Cards exist with more reddish or more brownish lettering.

The series consisted of :

(some images from auction sites)

1: Abbot's cup, Fountains Abbey

2: Aberdeen bronze pot

3: Ancient Welsh bronze crochon

4: Roman ewer from York

5: Loving cup

6: Roman vase from Chester

7: Bronze ewer from Bath

8: Irish mather

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