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Born : January 9, 1964
Deceased :

Bishop of Breda, 2007-2011
Bishop of Rotterdam, 2011-present

Arms of Hans van den Hende

Bishop of Breda
Arms of Hans van den Hende

Bishop of Rotterdam

Official blazon


The first arms quarter the arms of the diocese of Breda with the arms of the bishop. In the second arms the personal arms are seen as an inescutcheon, the cross and grill are taken from the arms of the Diocese of Rotterdam, the fleur-de-lys from the arms of Breda.

The personal arms of the bishop show the Agnus Dei, symbol of St. John Baptist, the patron saint of the bishop.

The motto 'Sine timore serviamus Illi' (Free to worship him without fear) is taken from the Benedictus (Song of Zechariah).

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