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Arms of Ilirska Bistrica

Official blazon


The oldest impression of the coat of arms of Ilirska Bistrica was found on a document issued by the town authorities on 10th June 1871. It represents a galley, warship of the "Liburni", the people that lived on the coast of the North Adriatic Sea - the Kvarner.

The symbol was taken from the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Illyria, which was part of the then Austrian-Hungarian Empire (1816-1918). During that time the town Bistrica also became Ilirska Bistrica.

When Italy occupied this area (1918-1943), Italian authorities added fascist symbols to the Ilirska Bistrica coat of arms (see below).

Arms of Ilirska Bistrica

In 1975 the Council of Ilirska Bistrica reinstated the old coat of arms: a golden yellow galley on blue background. The same coat of arms is now used for the Town and Municipality of Ilirska Bistrica.

Arms (crest) of Ilirska Bistrica

The arms in the Abadie albums

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