National Arms of Cameroon

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National Arms of Cameroon

Official blazon


The above arms were adopted in 1986, but its design dates already from 1960.
After independence the new country adopted a seal with a woman's head. This seal was used only for one year, as the new State arms were adopted on December 31, 1960.

National Arms of Cameroon

The seal used in 1960.

The new arms showed the shape of the country placed on the colours of the new flag. In the centre a sword and scales, symbols of justice, were placed. This composition, with some modifications, is still used.

The first design showed above the shield a ribbon with the text 'République du Cameroun - 01 Janvier 1960', the name of the country and date of independence. Below the shield a ribbon with the motto 'Paix-Travail-Patrie' (Peace, Work, Fatherland).

In 1961 the former British protectorate of Cameroon was united with the new republic. Hence the text was changed to 'République Fédéral du Cameroun', or Federal Republic of Cameroon and the date was removed.

In 1972 the name was changed in République Unité du Cameroun (United Republic of Cameroun). In 1975 the name was reduced to République du Cameroun (Republic of Cameroon) and one of the two blue stars was removed. In 1984 the blue star was changed into a golden star. Finally in 1986 the composition was slightly changed and all mottos were made bilingual.

National Arms of Cameroon

The arms in 1960-1961.
National Arms of Cameroon

The arms in 1961-1972.
National Arms of Cameroon

The arms in 1972-1975.
National Arms of Cameroon

The arms in 1975-1984.
National Arms of Cameroon

The arms in 1984-1986.

The colonial arms of German Kamerun were never officially granted. The arms were designed in 1914 and showed in the chief the Prussian eagle and in the lower half a colonial symbol. For Kamerun an elephant was chosen. Due to the First World War the arms were never officially used.

National Arms of Cameroon

The colonial arms of 1914.

National Arms of Cameroon

The arms on a coin from 2011

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