National Arms of the Falkland Islands

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National Arms of the Falkland Islands

Official blazon


The arms were granted on September 29, 1948.

The ship represents the DESIRE, the vessel in which the British sea-captain, John Davis, is reputed to have discovered the Falkland Islands in 1592. The motto "Desire the Right" also refers to the ship's name. The Ram represents sheep-farming, until recently the principal economic activity of the Islands and the tussac grass shows the most notable native vegetation.

Arms of the Falkland Islands

The arms on a coin

The oldest badge of the islands dates from the 1840s. It depicts a ship and a bull. At the time wild cattle were the economic mainstay of the Falklands. It was never an official coat of arms, but was the badge of the seal of the colony.

Arms of the Falkland Islandsr
The arms on a tobacco card (1917)
National Arms of the Falkland Islands

The arms in a French publication, +/- 1900

As cattle were no longer of importance the badge was changed in 1925. The arms show a sea lion as a typical indigenous sea mammal. The ship is again the Desire. These arms are still used as the badge of the Falkland Islands Defence Force.


Below the official seal of the Falkland Islands under the reign of King Edward VII:

Arms of the Falkland Islands

Use of the arms:


The arms on a litter box (2015 (c)Dominique Sinopoli)

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Literature : Information provided by the Falkland Islands Government Secretariat (, image of the older arms taken from a stamp