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Heraldic sugar packets and wrappings - The Netherlands

An overview of heraldic sugar packages or sugar cube wrappings from the Netherlands. Issued by producers, municipalities or hotels/companies.

Sucrology is the hobby of collecting sugar packets, including wrappers, sachets, tubes, sticks, packs, bags, and squares. Sucrologists normally collect the small packets of sugar that are most commonly found in restaurants, hotels and airlines.

There must be many issues of heraldic sugar packets and wrappings. I am always interested in obtaining more of these !

So far I have collected the following from the Netherlands:


Can be issued by municipalities or hotels etc. The arms should be from a municipality or province though.

Individual (other heraldry)

Issued by any organisation, arms can be imaginary or personal. Not civic heraldry.


Cadi (Dutch army canteen service) : Emblems of the Dutch Airforce and German Airforce in the Netherlands.
Numbered starting from 49 (1-48 are non heraldic).

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