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Province : Limburg
Additions : 1970 Binderveld; 1975 Kozen (1970 Wijer)

Wapen van Nieuwerkerken (Limburg)

Official blazon

Gedeeld 1. gedwarsbalkt van tien stukken van goud en van keel 2. in keel een zittende Sint-Lambertus met zegenende rechterhand en houdende in de linkerhand een bisschopsstaf, het geheel van goud.


The arms were officially granted on July 1, 1985.

The municipality had no historical seals or arms and neither did the former municipalities. The arms were thus designed based on the former rulers of the area. The area of the present municipality was scattered among a number of (parts of) estates and parishes, all with different owners. It was decided to use the arms of the County of Loon combined with the arms of the Chapter of Saint Lambertus from Liège as arms of the new municipality. Two estates in Niewerkerke (Tichelrije and Schelfheide) as well as parts of Binderveld, Kozen and Wijer were originally loans of the Counts of Loon, whereas the parish and village of Nieuwerkerke historically belonged to the Chapter from Liège.

Wapen van/Blason de Nieuwerkerken (Limburg)

The arms on a police badge (source)

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Literature : Image provided by Rudy Vanhorenbeeck, Belgium.