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Borough (Arrondissement) of : Paris

Armoiries de Paris 15
Official blazon

De gueules à la bande d'or, chargée de trois roues dentées de sable et accompagnée en chef d'un flambeau d'argent enflammé d'or et en pointe d'un microscope d'argent.

English 15 No blazon/translation known. Please click here to send your (heraldic !) blazon or translation


The microscope in these arms refers to Louis Pasteur, the famous microbiologist who worked in the arrondissement. The Louis Pasteur institute in Paris and the word pasteurisation are named after him.

The flame represents the 1924 Olympic Games and the Velodrome d'hiver in the 15th arrondissement was the venue for some events.

The wheels symbolise the Citroën car factories which were located in in the 15th arrondissement.

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Literature : Image from, info from Dominique Val