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State : Niedersachsen
District (Kreis) :Wittmund

Wappen von Samtgemeinde Holtriem / Arms of Samtgemeinde Holtriem
Official blazon
German Geviert; Feld 1 und 4 in Grün vier schrägbalkenweise gestellte goldene Scheiben, belegt mit jeweils zwei konzentrischen schwarzen Ringen; Feld 2 in Gold eine rote Holländer-Windmühle; Feld 3 in Gold drei blaue Wellenbalken.
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The arms were granted on April 18, 1975.

The 8 golden coins symbolise the 8 municipalities in the Samtgemeinde. The coins also symbolise the 2 golden plates from the Bronze area found in the village of Terheide. The windmill symbolises the many mills that used to be in the area. The red colour symbolises the bricks used in most buildings. The waves in the third quarter symbolise the Ewige Meer lake in the municipality. The gree colour symbolises nature and agriculture.

To the Samtgemeinde belong the following municipalities :

  • Blomberg
  • Eversmeer
  • Nenndorf
  • Neuschoo
  • Ochtersum
  • Schweindorf
  • Utarp
  • Westerholt

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Literature : Image and info obtained from the Holtriem council.