Schuberts Album deutscher Staaten und Städtewappen

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Schuberts Album deutscher Staaten und Städtewappen

These stamps were issued around 1895-1905 and are identical to the images in the book Schuberts Album deutscher Staaten und Städtewappen. This book was issued in multiple editions by R. Schubert'sche Buchhandlung, Coburg, Germany. The books have no date, but based on the arms it must have been published between 1895 and 1905.

The books also show the arms of the German States at the time, but these have not been issued as loose stamps as far as I know. Only the 315 city arms were issued in loose perforated sheets. These are shown below.


I have no idea whether a separate album for the stamps was issued. They have been issued in blocks of 9 in a small binder, without any reference to the publisher.


The following 315 stamps were issued:

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