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Antwerpen (provincie)

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The arms are a combination of the arms of the Margraviate of Antwerpen, Mechelen and Turnhout. The arms of the Margraviate of Antwerpen are a combination of the arms of the [[Antwerpen]] (city) and the eagle of the Holy Roman Empire, see image below.
 {|align="center"|align="center"|[[File:{{PAGENAME}}1530.jpg|center|300 px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]] <br/>The arms in 1530|align="center"|[[File:antwerp5.jpg|center|300 px|Arms of {{PAGENAME}}]] <br/>|}
The Margraviate of Antwerpen was founded in 1008 by emperor Henry II to protect the border along the river Schelde. Besides the present province, some parts of [[Brabant]] also belonged to the county. In 1430 the county became part of Burgundy, as did practically all states in Belgium and the Netherlands. The arms were devised in 1430, between 1008 and 1430 the county bore no arms. The Dukes of Burgundy added the imperial eagle to emphasize the power of the Empire. The arms were not changed until 1581 when two lions were added as supporters. After the defeat of Antwerpen to the Spaniards in 1585 the lions were replaced by two savages (as in the arms of the city).
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