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Sierra Leone

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<font size=5><center>''' Sierra Leone'''</center></font>
<font size=5><center>'''Sierra Leone'''</center></font>
[[File:Sierraleone.jpg|300 px|center|National Arms of Sierra Leone]]
{|width="100%"=National symbols==|align="center"|*[[File:Sierraleone.jpg|300 150 px|National Arms of Sierra Leone]][[National Arms of Sierra Leone]]|align="center"|*[[File:Sierraleone-flag.gif|150 px|border]]|align="center"|[[File:Sierraleone-location.jpg]]|-|align="center"|[[The National Arms Flag of Sierra Leone]]|align="center"|The National Flag|align="center"|Location|}
==Administrative division==
==Other heraldry==
* [[Ecclesiastical heraldry of Sierra Leone has a number |Ecclesiastical heraldry]]* [[:Category:Educational heraldry of universities and boarding schools. Several of these use a coat of arms.Sierra Leone|Educational heraldry]]* [[Njala University:Category:Institutional heraldry of Sierra Leone|Institutional heraldry]] * [[Ecclesiastical Military heraldry of Sierra Leone|Military heraldry]] ==* [[Heraldic postcards Sierra Leone|Heraldic collector's items==postcards]]* [[Sierra Leone (stamps)|Heraldic stamps from Sierra Leone]]
[[Category:Sierra Leone]]
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