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Escudo de Sucre State


The arms date from 1910.

It exhibits a field divided in three quarters. The upper-left one, a golden inverted cornucopia appears, as emblem of abundance, flowing out of its realms rich and varied fruits. Inside the upper-right one, on limpid yellow, evocative of the prosperity and happy destinies of the region, a cocotero (coconut tree) rises, fruity and lone, representing one of the State's main crops. The ample lower quarter, light blue, concentrates a wide range of symbols: the pale blue of the heavens, the amplitude of the seas, flowing calmly beyond the horizon. The golden coast exposes itself, breaking its lines to the right where we can see small hills and dunes; to the left, a fisherman and fish can be seen, symbolising, what else, the fishing trade. Below the field, centred, a yellow band ties two twigs, one of blossomed tobacco (right), and the other of ripe coffee (left)

.Above the field, a laurel crown with inside this crown, amid sunrays the victorious profile of the Great Mariscal of Ayacucho, General Sucre, can be admired.

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