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Region: Trentino-Alto Adige
Province : Bolzano

Stemma di Tirol (municipality)
Official blazon
  • (de) In Silber ein nach rechts gekehrter roter Adler, golden bewehrt und mit goldenen Flügelspangen, überhöht van einem grünen Lindenast.
  • (it) D'argento all'aquila di rosso rostrata e membrata d'oro, il volo caricato di due spranghette dello stesso, sormontata da un ramoscello di tiglio di verde.
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The arms were officially granted on May 18, 1970, but are of medieval origin.

In Tirol was the founding castle of the Lords, later Counts of Tirol (Tyrolia). The Tyrolean eagle is very common in arms of Tyrolean municipalities and is still used as the arms of the Austrian state of Tirol.
The branch was added in 1970.

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