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State : Baden-Württemberg
District (Kreis) : Ortenaukreis (until 1973 Kehl)
Incorporated into : 1975 Appenweier

Wappen von Urloffen

Official blazon

  • (de) In Silber auf grünem Dreiberg ein roter Zinnenturm.


In 1900 the State Archives proposed three different arms for the village. The first showing the old local village symbol; the second a goose, symbol of St. Martin the local patron saint, and a third showing a tower. The council adopted finally the composition with the tower, a symbol for the local castle, which was already mentioned in 1150.

The only seal of the village, known from the early 19th century, showed the image of St. Michael killing a dragon. This was the symbol of the Appenweier region, to which the village belonged at the time, see also Appenweier.

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Literature : Huber, 1987