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Former State, now part of Hessen.


Official blazon


The arms have been used in the 19th century by the Princes of Waldeck-Pyrmont from 1807-1868 (1918). The arms show in the first and ninth field the arms of the Principality of Pyrmont, in the second and eight the Principality of Rappoltstein, in the third and seventh the lion heads from the Estate of Hoheneck, and in the fourth and sixth the two lions of the estate of Geroldseck. The escutcheon shows the historical arms of the Principality of Waldeck.

The Counts of Waldeck acquired the principality of Pyrmont in 1625 by succession. In 1673 the arms of Rappoltstein, Hoheneck and Geroldseck were added after the struggle of the inheritance of the Counts of Rappoltstein (now Ribeaupierre in France). These possession were never really owned by the Counts of Waldeck, as soon after the the possessions were taken by the other successor, the Count of the Pfalz-Brikenfeld.

In 1712 the counts were promoted to Princes and the Principality of Waldeck(-Pyrmont) became a autonomous state in 1807. In 1868 the principality officially became part of Preussen, but remained in fact autonomous until 1918. From 1918-1922 Waldeck-Pyrmont was a Free State, in 1922 Pyrmont was incorporated into Preussen, followed in 1929 by Waldeck.

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