Austro-Hungarian Empire

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Austro-Hungarian Empire - Österreichisch-Ungarische Monarchie - Osztrák-Magyar Monarchia

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The National Arms of the Austro-Hungarian Empire The National Flag Location

The former Austro-Hungarian Empire was spread over a large part of Central Europe, it comprises present Austria and Hungary as well as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia and parts of present Poland, Romania, Italy, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia and Montenegro.

In this section only the arms of the territories claimed by the Emperor (part of the title of the Emperors) as well as the arms of the provinces of the Kingdom of Hungary are shown, as these are now often part of more than one country. Parts that do correspond with present territories are dealt with in the respective modern countries (such as the present Austrian States) or are dealt with both in this section and in the appropriate country section.

Arms of cities are listed in the modern countries and under their modern names.

Arms of the territories that were part of the official title

The following territories were either part of Austria-Hungary or the emperors had (historical) claims on these territories (names are shown as used in the official imperial title, not present names). All names and images are taken from the "Oesterreichisch-Ungarische Wappenrolle" von H. Ströhl.

Arms of provinces in the Kingdom of Hungary

The former Kingdom of Hungary was the Eastern part of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. It comprises present Hungary as well as parts of Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, Bosnia, Poland and Slovakia.
The Kingdom was divided in the 19th century into 63 different provinces. The Kingdom of Croatia (8 provinces) was a separate kingdom in name, but was part of The Hungarian Holy Crown, and thus included in this section.

The arms of the provinces below were used from 1886-1919. The provinces were officially counties, but more equivalent to the modern province, hence the use of the word province. The countries in which the province is situated at present is indicated by the country codes behind the name.

The names are the official (Hungarian) names at the time.